it’s american idiot’s 10th anniversary


Anonymous asked: whats happening tomorrow?

i have no idea!

tumblr app is so gr8 i keep accidentally unfollowing people bc it’s so easy to missclick


Happy 10th birthday, American Idiot!
Title: Wake Me Up When September Ends (Acapella Version)
Artist: Green Day
Played: 23875 times





Wake Me Up When September Ends (Acapella Version)

I could practically feel this echoing in my heart holy crap

One of the most powerful things I have ever heard. Holy shit.

Could do without all the silence, but then again, the silence bears the spectre of the music, and makes the lyrics all the more poignant.


security at concerts always look so bored i mean at least smile you’re getting fucking paid to stand one step closer to my idol than i’ll probably ever be able to you fucker

Whenever I walk my dog with no makeup and hair from hell I meet my hot neighbor do you think it’s funny jesus

I’m wearing jeans so tight i cant bend my knees


billie just posted this video on instagram without a caption…??

he’s writing American Idiot 2 about Obama


My goal is to be that rich single aunt that flies everywhere and wears designer clothing and brings expensive gifts to her less successful family members

i wish i could unfollow people irl